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breeders: A comedy show based on your parenting stories

Da Burbs - Banner2.jpg

What is going on around here?!

An all star cast of The Lab’s improv comedians will spin answers to that question into fresh scenes on the spot, in Da ‘Burbs a new show inspired by Nextdoor posts. 

Nextdoor is an online repository of ordinary gripes and speculation. Posts chosen by the audience will inspire the performers to find the silliness and tender moments in our shared local lives. Keeping up with the neighbors has never been funnier! 
Grab some beers or beverages and invite your friends, from near or far, to laugh with us at the gossip, the chaos, and the unrelenting nitpicking of local observation.

BYOB - Please support Ambler's breweries and distilleries!

Upcoming shows

Saturday March 9 - 8pm [CANCELED due to roof/leak issues - sorry, will be fixed soon!]

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