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spaghetti dinner: community improv jam


Join us for a monthly indie night featuring an indie improv troupe from the local area, followed by an open jam. Hosted by Andrea Duffy!

A few things to know:
-If you aren't familiar with improv, and wondering if you should come to this show, we want you to know that this is a more experimental format. You may see something that blows your mind and you might also see a relatively new troupe and set of performers. You should be game for all of it at this show.

-If you're brand new to improv, you should come to the Jam! If you performed with the Committee in San Francisco in the 60s, you should come to the Jam! Are you currently or previously affiliated with a certain ensemble or theater? Great, you should come to the Jam! No one is too junior or senior and everyone who likes make-em-ups is welcome here.

(Design by Kristin Finger)

Upcoming improv jams

Wednesday May 29 - 8pm

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