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Performing at the 2017 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.


Playing a character game in our Fall 2019 4th-6th class.

Troupe Posters from Improv Camp at Spilled Milk Social Club, Summer 2017

Posters from Improv Camp at Spilled Milk Social Club, Summer of 2017

From Erika, Founder of Youth/Teen Classes 

Hello fellow parent or aspiring comedian! We're kicking off our fourth (!) year of offering classes and have been honored to be part of the community. Going into our fourth year, we're incredibly pumped to combine the youth and teen programs under Improv Ambler with the adult shows and programming under The Lab logo. We're also super pumped to expand our teen offerings with new troupe opportunities, classes and all-ages shows.  

I've always been a comedy nerd. Growing up, I watched SNL (Saturday Night Live) religiously, but didn't really have a place to develop my own comedic voice. I finally found comedy classes and performance in my mid-twenties, when I moved to the birthplace of improv and sketch comedy, Chicago, IL. I began my training at the Second City, moving on to classes and performance and Improv Olympic (IO) and ComedySportz, Chicago. Eventually, I was performing 5 shows a weekend to huge crowds at theaters all around Chicago, in both improvised and sketch shows. Most importantly, I learned how to navigate life on and off stage better; my mindset shifted to one of flexibility, confidence and collaboration with others. 


I'm still a working comedian. And, I'm also a parent. I've been lucky enough to become a parent to two fellow goofballs who love comedy just as much as I do. With kid and teen programming and classes at The Lab, we provide the sort of classes and performance opportunities I want for my kids: Safe, fun, kid-driven and confidence building. A place where they can connect to like-minded kids and create something cool, of their own invention. 

Thanks so much for checking us out. We're so excited to continue the growth of our youth and teen programs, as well as expand the community and class opportunities for adults.

Drop us a line if you'd like to chat or have questions:


Got your back,
Erika May McNichol


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