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roll play: an improvised adventure


Kick off your Halloween weekend fun with one of Philly's hottest shows, running one night only at the Lab! This show will be a special Hellfire Club night, where audience is invited to dress up as D&D or Stranger Things characters AND will get free cans of Mountain Dew and candy.

Roll Play is an improvised adventure, combining the excitement of role-playing games with the spontaneity of live improv comedy.

ROLL PLAY is a live, interactive, fully-improvised love letter to tabletop RPGs and the fantasy genre. Guided by a mysterious Dungeon Master, brave heroes embark on an epic quest— determined entirely by audience suggestions and rolls of the dice. Write spells for the Wizard, enchant the Fighter’s sword, or even offer divine guidance to the Cleric. Every show is a brand new adventure!

Perfect for couples, game groups, birthday parties, and all fans of comedy and fantasy. Gather your party, grab your tickets, and come roll with us! (Psst. Please contact us at if you have a special party planning to come!)

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