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Mitchell & Steele


Upcoming shows

Friday January 5 - 8pm

Mitchell & Steele: Two Philly comedy star players hit the joke gym. Each will perform a half hour of material each in preparation for their big special recordings. A work in Progress show. With special guest Erin Dohony.

Brandon Mitchell is a Philly based comedian hailing from Norristown, Pennsylvania. He is a co-creator of Black History Monthly, a diversity based variety showcase that was staged at Helium Comedy Club, Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, and Diverse AF in New York. Brandon is a regular at Punchline Philly and Helium Comedy Club. He has opened for Ted Alexandro, Vlad Caamano, Jourdain Fisher, and Ian Lara. Brandon has done the North Carolina Comedy Festival, DC Comedy Festival, Jersey City Comedy Festival, and many other festivals across the country.

Charles Steele is a comedian/curator/ filmmaker born, raised, and still residing in Philadelphia, PA. As a comedian he's performed in places like Punchline Philly, Helium Comedy Club, PhilaMOCA. However, he prefers intimate spaces like dingy backrooms or basements of dive bars. He has curated comedy and variety events at places such as Vox Populi Art Gallery, PhilaMOCA, and Creep Records. Charles has been making vlogs, short form documentaries, and narrative shorts. Including his latest work, The Roast of Charles Steele.

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